MAYAG are saddened to hear about the recent incident that happened to a yacht travelling between Trinidad and Grenada. We are glad the yacht and crew arrived safely in Grenada.

MAYAG expresses support for our colleagues in YSATT as they work to ensure that the waters around Trinidad are safe for cruising yachts who are transiting to Trinidad, or from Trinidad to destinations north. Trinidad and Tobago has long been a popular destination with the cruising community and it is very unfortunate that recent events would pose any danger to cruising yachts. MAYAG would advise yachts planning a passage from the Windward Islands to Trinidad, or the return passage, to please file a FILE A FLOAT PLAN with the TTCG and call North Post Radio station if you are traveling in or out of Trinidad. Travel in a convoy if possible. If problems are encountered on the passage north, then please report once you have reached the safety of Grenadian waters so that the proper assistance can be provided’.

To file a FLOAT PLAN please click on this link for the form and email it to the appropriate authorities.…/services_floatplan.htm

Please read the Safety Recommendations as found on the YSATT website.