Here is a brief guide to the bays and anchorages of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.


Almost all of the yacht havens and anchorages are found south of a line between St George’s on the west and St David’s on the south coast.

St George’s

A beautiful, traditional Caribbean town with many original buildings built from the red bricks brought over as ballast in the trading vessels of 200 years ago. The main anchorage for yachts – The Lagoon underwent a transformation in 2010 into a first class yacht marina (Port Louis Marina) with 300 berths and room for superyachts to 200 ft. There is plenty of room to anchor just outside St George’s off Ross Point with the advantage of better breeze. The Grenada Yacht Club also has slips available.

True Blue Bay

Quiet with colourful hotel resort and small dock. Very conveniently situated close to the airport and the haul out services in Prickly Bay.

Prickly Bay

The main anchorage and port of entry for the south coast. Remember when entering Grenada for the first time you must clear at a port of entry (Hillsborough, St. George’s, Prickly Bay, St. David’s) before proceeding to another anchorage. Prickly is a very spacious, villa lined bay, with Spice Island Marine, a large haul out service, located at the north end.

Mount Hartman Bay

The first bay to the east of Prickly point, Mount Hartman is a mangrove lined bay with a national park on east side (home of the Grenada Dove, Grenada’s national bird). The bay is trickier to enter as it is protected by reefs but these also help to cut down roll once at anchor. Secert Harbour Marina is located at the top end of the bay.

Clarkes Court Bay and Hog Island

The Hog Island anchorage can also be accessed through the same entrance as Mount Hartman Bay, but there is an easier channel to enter just south of Hog Island and it is now buoyed. Hog Island is a very peaceful, well sheltered anchorage and a favourite of many cruisers. On Sundays there is normally a BBQ on the beach. There is a small boat channel from Hog Island anchorage to Clarkes Court Bay, but the main entrance to Clarkes Court is a well marked channel to the west of Calivigny Island. This huge bay is a Gunkholer’s dream – there are at least 5 anchorages to choose from and two small marinas.

Phare Bleu Bay

Between Calivigny Island and Egmont Harbour is a bay with a new marina and shore-side villas called Le Phare Bleu. They also operate moorings in the bay. There are excellent shore-side facilities available here from canvas making to gardiennage, as well as a very good restaurant on a converted Swedish lightship.

Egmont Harbour

Egmont is an almost completely landlocked bay with a convoluted entrance and is regarded as one of the best hurricane holes in the Southern Caribbean. Land development here is turning it into one of the most sought after locations on the island. There are no facilities here.

Calivigny and Westerhall Bays

Two very well sheltered and peaceful bays lined with mangroves and few facilities. Much more difficult to enter due to unmarked external reefs.

St David’s

The last harbour on south coast heading east that is easy to enter with a clearly marked channel. There is a large haul out facility here with good repair facilities, Grenada Marine. On the east side of the bay is a beautiful cottage resort with excellent restaurant. For the slightly more adventurous a half hour hike around the coast brings you to La Sagesse Nature Center located at the end of a half mile crescent of palm fringed beach – you have truly arrived in paradise!




There are two official ports of entry into Carriacou, Hillsborough and Tyrell Bay.

Hillsborough is good for stocking up on provisions, and it is possible to organise parts to be sent up from the chandleries in Grenada on the ferry from St George’s. The airport is 5 minutes drive from town, SVG Airlines run a scheduled service to Grenada each day.

Just 1 mile to the west of Hillsborough is Sandy Island – well worth a stop for a swim and snorkel.

Tyrell Bay on the west side of Hillsborough is the second official port of entry into Carriacou and the main yacht anchorage of the island – well protected by hills and a huge mangrove swamp on the north side. There are some good yacht facilities here including a haul out yard, canvas and sail work and welding/ general repair work. A good number of restaurants and bars can be found along the shore.

Take time to explore Carriacou – it is a beautiful island whether seen by foot or vehicle. Windward on the north east coast is the home of traditional boat building – skills that have been handed down the generations.

Petite Martinique

The furthest flung outpost of Grenada, a small and very much authentic Grenadine island, just a short distance from Petit St Vincent and an hour sail from Union Island. Very convenient for water and fuel, and stocking up on beer and liquor. Hillsborough is the nearest port of entry for clearing. The Osprey Ferry Ltd run a daily ferry service to Grenada via Carriacou. (Departing daily at 3pm)


Outyling Islands

Between Grenada and Carriacou are a small group of islands including Isle De Ronde – this deserted island has an anchorage in the north west corner. Although exposed to northerly swells it is a wonderfully isolated spot and the snorkelling can be very good. Nearby the rock of Kick ‘em Jenny (bearing the same as the underwater volcano about 2 miles to the west) is very imposing but does not offer any anchorage.